I am a multi-media, interdisciplinary Performance Artist. My work utilizes immersive, multisensory, multidisciplinary experience as a means to blur the boundaries in relation to art as ritual and ritual as art.  I also examine the intimacy and surrender that can be experienced in the state of acknowledged unknowing.

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Award- 'Best of Nashville 2020' from Nashville Scene!

What an Honor! Earlier this year Sommer composed the score for 'This Holding' that was released through OZ Arts. Here is what OZ Arts put out earlier today: 

We’re thrilled that #ThisHolding was recognized in Nashville Scene’s #BON20 awards!  The…

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A Book in Progress...

'Mama, I see you: 
The Evolution and Devolution of Female Archetypes in Western Culture and My Role as a Mother, Feminist, Artist and Spiritual Seeker' 
By: Moksha Sommer

This book is currently in process and will be published in 2018.